October 01 2020

Planning permission for change of use from agricultural to B2 light industrial


To achieve full planning permission for an agricultural building to a B2 heavy industrial use.

Client Brief:

The client was based in an urban environment beforehand and needed a more rural setting to enable them to grow their business and be more flexible with floor space.  Having appropriate access and wider operating hours away from a residential area were key attributes.


Potential noise from the use was a significant concern for the planners as well as suitable car parking provisions on site.

Local Planning authourity:

Tendring District Council


Planning approval with conditions on noise levels and operating hours

What the consultant Says

We knew the instruction was going to be a challenge as Amobox are quite a heavy industrial user. However, we looked at the application with the recommendation of external consultant noise reports before submitting the application which helped to resolve concerns from Environmental Health and the building's materials. We worked collaboratively with Amobox and the landlord to achieve a full permission with limited conditions on a tight timescale for Amobox.

Guy French


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